Customer Testimonials

Quality Repairs + Competitive Pricing

“Gopher Medical has the best of both worlds for an institution that is looking for factory level OEM repairs and competitive pricing.”

—Thomas (Tom) Shaw, Biomed II, University of Toledo Medical Center

Superior product knowledge

“Recently we had the pleasure to work with Gopher Medical.  There are an abundance of third-party vendors out there, but one thing that stands out for this company is their vast knowledge of our aging Philips telemetry monitoring. We need to keep our near-obsolete system running a few years until we can move into a new facility. We were looking for the right company to achieve this and also build some redundancy to avoid any after-hours service calls. Gopher was the perfect match for our needs. The knowledge from this company is just as good if not better than the manufacturer. [They] came in and found some potential failures, replaced hard drives, rebuilt some central stations and added some redundant central stations at a very reasonable price. Philips could not do this for us, with their only option being to replace everything for hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have also been sending in our telemetry transmitters for repair. The quality and turn-around time is better than what we have experienced in the past with other companies. I would highly recommend using Gopher Medical for your medical equipment monitoring services.”

—Ken M., Director of Clinical Equipment Technology Management, Eastern Maine Medical Center

—Daniel B., CBET, Clinical Engineering Supervisor, Mercy Hospital

—Jeff C., CBET, Clinical Engineering, Mercy Hospital

Map of Gopher Medical customer locations

Done right the first time

“Gopher Medical is the true meaning of customer service! They do what they say they are going to do and on time. The quality of their equipment can’t be beat.”

—Joe R., Biomed II, West Virginia United Health System

Fantastic Job at an Exceptional Price

“We purchased tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment and software from Gopher Medical. This equipment required them to be configured for our network (a difficult task from a distance). We sent Gopher the information required for our network. They built the system, tested and shipped the equipment to us.

We tentatively installed the equipment and carefully pressed the on switch. Everything came on, worked correctly and with the exception of a printer or two not working, everything was plug & play. Gopher Medical was our hero. They not only delivered a terrific product, but they did it at an exceptional price.”

—Les P., Lead Biomed Engineer, Phoenix Children’s Hospital