ZOLL Defibrillator

Zoll defibrillators are designed to perform in any setting, and one of the best defibrillators on the market is the ZOLL AED Plus. It is portable and has highly advanced functionality that professional rescuers and services need from an AED. An advantage of the Zoll is that they are so simple that any person, untrained, is able to operate the device competently and easily in the likely event of an emergency.

When a cardiac arrest occurs, surprisingly only half of the victims will need a shock. The other requires CPR. There is only one AED that can actually see when you are doing CPR and help you do it well. You need more than just commands without assistance. That’s not smart and it’s certainly not helpful.

The sole purpose of the Zoll AED Plus should not just be to deliver a shock. But it should also help the rescuer or person at the scene provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The Zoll AED Plus does this well and with real CPR Help.

High-Quality Defibrillators

The Zoll defibrillator is an excellent example of a top quality defibrillator. It is designed to assist you in saving the life of a person suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), whether they require a shock or not.

With its distinctive outer design, you can be sure everyone in the environment will be able to locate your defibrillator in an emergency situation. Its features have been designed to be as simple as possible,
ensuring you can deliver a quick and efficient rescue process, no matter what level of training you have.

Easy to operate

Although there are several different manufacturers of the Zoll, they share several common steps to operate them; turn on the power, attach the pads and leads, analyze the rhythm manually or automatically, select the energy level, select synchronization if necessary, charge the device, and deliver the shock.

ZOLL Features

The Zoll AED Plus uses lithium batteries and it is the only AED that utilizes them. Not only are these both affordable and accessible, they will last up to five years when the device is left in standby mode. AED maintenance is made even easier because the CPR-D adult electrode also lasts five years. So there is no confusion and no hassle.

The defibrillator range features a high-resolution LCD display. This feature gives responders a visual of a patient’s ECG while utilising a 3-lead monitoring cable and a rechargeable battery.

Zoll Accessories

When purchasing a Zoll defibrillator, take a look at the accessories we have to offer such as ZOLL AED Plus Type 123 Lithium Batteries, AED Wall Cabinet, ZOLL Stat-Padz II, Zoll AED Plus Replacement PASS Cover, as well as carry cases to keep your life-saving machine safe and in perfect use.

If you are looking for a professional defibrillator which can be used by first responders of all training levels, then the ZOLL defibrillator could be just for you.